Allied Steel 2x2 Stainless Steel Corner Guards

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Our stainless steel corner guards by Allied Stainless are for facility owners and project managers looking for style and durability. Our 2x2 corner guards are made with high-quality materials and crafted precisely for maximum protection and an attractive look.

Superior Protection for Your Walls

Experience unmatched durability and functionality with this premium 20-gauge 304 stainless steel corner guard. Designed to withstand high-traffic areas and the impact of heavy equipment and supply deliveries, this 2-inch corner guard eliminates the risk of scratches, dents, and unsightly damage to your walls. 

Safeguard your facility from the wear and tear caused by food carts, pallet jacks, and hand trucks, ensuring your walls remain in pristine condition.

Hassle-Free Installation for Seamless Operations

Say goodbye to the hassle of assembling equipment. When you choose our Allied Steel 2x2 stainless steel corner guards, you'll receive fully assembled products ready for immediate installation. Our seamless process allows you to focus on efficiently running your facility, without the time-consuming task of building new equipment.

Specifications for Allied Steel 2x2 Stainless Steel Corner Guards

  • Crafted from 20-gauge 304 stainless steel with a 90º angle, this stainless steel guard provides optimal protection for your walls' outer corners. 

  • The application process is simple, utilizing Loctite® PL Premium® MAX Construction Adhesive - 9oz for reliable and long-lasting attachment.

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA with locally sourced materials, our 2x2 stainless steel corner guards reflect our commitment to exceptional quality.

  • With NSF Certification, you can rest assured that Allied Stainless products meet the highest standards of safety, making this steel corner guard an ideal choice for superior protection, easy installation, and a touch of elegance. 

Don't compromise on the integrity of your facility – order your 2x2 stainless steel corner guards today and discover the difference with Allied Stainless steel corner guards at Access Pro Supply.