Aqua-FIT Fulmer Series

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Aqua-FIT Fulmer Series Sensor Faucet Z6951-XL-F

Manufacturer: Zurn
Model #: Z6951-XL-F

Fulmer Series Aqua-FIT Z6951-XL-F was designed with elegance and innovation in mind. It features single-hole, battery-operated motion sensor with an exclusive modern, curvy design. Power supply alternatives include hardwired, plug-in, or 10-year long-life batteries for worry-free power and optimal reliability. Fulmer Series faucets feature a hidden, downward-facing infrared proximity sensor helping to deter vandalism and optimize performance. The Z6951-XL-F has a water-conserving 0.5 gpm non-aerated spray outlet and a 30-second timeout feature, reducing water waste and lowering costs. Flow control options include non-aerated and laminar flow with flow rates starting at 1.5 gpm and as low as 0.35 gpm. The timeout feature can be customized to between 5 and 60 seconds. Its finish is polished chrome-plated zinc on high-quality lead-free cast brass. AquaFIT allows for quick and simple upgrades in new or retrofit applications.


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