Kason 481 Safety-Glow Inside Release Push Handle - 4"-6" Coolers and Freezers

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Kason 481 Safety-Glow™ Inside Release Push Handle

The Kason 481 Safety-Glow Inside Release is available in 4" or 6" length. The rod and flange are constructed of steel with a Safety-GlowTM plastic knob. This safety feature keeps you from getting locked inside your walk-in freezer, and is a requirement for all walk-in latches. This safety feature will work within temperature ranges of: -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65°C), and is ADA compliant.

NOTE: Determine which length is right for your walk-in door before purchase.

  • Safety-Glow™ Glow in the dark plastic knob
  • For 4" or 6" doors
  • Steel rod and flange
  • ADA Compliant